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    Regina's Emerald Fantasy Adventure

    Annie --

    I just got back home and I am still excited about my experiences from the last two days! You are absolutely the best!

    This has been my best ever experience with expanding my boundaries. I knew I had some feminine features, but you brought them out so beautifully and helped me become a complete woman, by looks, attitude and behavior! I wouldn't call that a fantasy at all. It wasn't just about dressing up and looking like a woman. I was a real woman. Actually, most people who saw me over the two days seemed to think I was a real woman. It was also eye-opening in so many ways. I saw the world from a woman's perspective.

    Thank you for letting me try out so many dresses! And wigs and shoes too. Now, I've got a thing for shoes. I will explain later. I had no idea that bras were supposed to feel thaaat comfortable, and not bite the skin at all! I loved wearing one. The makeup was amazing! I really need to get them - concealer, foundation, powder, blush, lipliner, lipsticks, eyeliner (yes, the pencil for me), and lots of cool eyeshadow shades. We should have shopped for makeup too. I also need to get the beard concealer. However, what's important is not the makeup, but rather how you applied them. You also knew exactly what fit my face and complexion. I heard so many people tell us over the two days that you applied the makeup to perfection!

    Taking me to the nail salon first was a great idea. My nails looked gorgeous, with beautiful white tips and glowing in the fluorescent light. I admired them all the time. I felt pretty. Oh, and Tina and her mom were great! They were the first people to see me as a woman and they made me feel totally comfortable. Having lived in the Seattle area for several years, I know that people here are open-minded, but now I know they also have great hearts and welcome individual differences. I enjoyed their compliments, although I wasn't sure if the compliments were genuine or if they were just making me feel good on my first outing. Now I know they were completely sincere when they said that I looked cute.

    Earlier at the salon, after trying on several pairs of shoes from your box, I felt comfortable with that one pair of stilettoes. It must have been at least 4 inches high. I have no idea how or why I felt comfortable in them. For a while, I wasn't even aware that I was wearing them. While we tried on several tops, skirts, dresses and wigs, I continued to wear the same heels. Even when we stepped out of the salon, I did not realize that I was wearing such high heels. I was more aware of the cold air touching my legs through the pantyhose than I was aware of the heels. Walking to the nail salon from the car was probably the most frightening for me. I've always been afraid of wearing women's shoes because they make those sounds that attract everyone's attention. "Attracting attention" was the scary part. Of course! It's not the shoes or the sound, it's the result of the sound. After walking in heels for 2 days and being accepted as a woman, I now love that sound. I want to go out more wearing heels. Your tip about walking straight really helped me feel more natural in those heels. I have tried on women's shoes before, but never walked more than one step because they never fit me. I'm going to get myself a few pairs. It's funny that I walk in high heels more comfortably than most women can.

    The experience at the Thai restaurant was nice too. Of course, the food was great! It was also my first experience with a women's restroom. I had only entered them by mistake before. :) Everyone gets a totally private space in there, unlike men's restrooms. Women's restrooms are so much better! Touching up makeup is also so much fun! On my way out of the restaurant, I noticed a few customers checking me out. I wondered if they had recognized that I was dressed up. Now, I believe they were admiring my legs. Even I was admiring my legs in the mirror earlier that evening. The heels must have made my legs look even better. I was totally passable.

    The walk in the mall on the first evening was interesting. The attendants (including one who looked similar to someone I have dated before) at the dress shop were talking to me as though I were a real girl looking for clothes. Those dresses were very pretty! Then the earrings and bracelets! I've been fascinated by long dangling earrings for way too long and I am so happy to have got some for myself. And I can't let go of the bracelets!

    Going back to the hotel dressed was absolutely great! It is not easy driving in heels, especially in high heels. I'm glad I did not have to drive too far. I will never again make fun of women drivers. Well, I'll still be careful around them. :) Anyway, at the hotel, I looked at myself in the mirror carefully and I saw someone who I would have been had I been female by birth. I did not want to take off my makeup, so I let it stay till I went to bed. The next day, I was seeing the world differently. I was noticing things about people faces and behavior that I had not noticed before. I was seeing little details in people's faces and expressions. The world seems a bit clearer than ever before. And, I kept admiring my beautiful french manicured nails.

    Shopping at the mall yesterday and walking among all the "normal" people was the biggest paranoia-buster. Those were bright lights, all over the place! If anyone could have figured me out, it ought to have happened there. And yet, nobody seemed to look at me with suspicion. A few women looked at me and seemed to admire the way I looked. A few men glanced, just like men always do - a quick look, top to bottom. While walking between shops, a couple of young men stopped to let me go. One of them lifted his baseball cap and smiled while he let me walk by. I smiled gratefully. The other one said a self-conscious hi. I was beginning to enjoy the attention. Once I got over the fear that I did not pass, I had other fears, like what if my wig comes off? Thanks for listening patiently without getting annoyed with all my scary ideas coming from paranoia and inexperience, and also for guiding me all along! You are a great friend!

    Well, I am still a little paranoid, but it is not about not passing. I do need to work on my voice though.

    Trying out women's clothes at the mall was fun too. I've always felt uncomfortable around the women's sections in stores. This experience has totally busted that anxiety. My next goal is to be able to shop for makeup. Umm, I need some makeup before I shop for more makeup. That's a quandary!

    Eating at the Caribbean restaurant was nice. The waitresses saw me as a woman, perhaps until I opened my mouth to order. Thanks for helping me order the juice! If they only had a doubt that I was dressed, I would have confirmed their suspicion had I ordered the juice myself. By the way, great recommendation of restaurant. Their food is way too good! I will go there again someday.

    Going to the club was a great experience. For the first time, I had to show my ID while dressed. The guard smiled, stamped "vamp" on my hand and said,"enjoy the evening". I thought, wow! I was clearly recognized as dressed up and yet nothing happened. I was still standing there, alive and well and smiling and beautiful. I felt absolutely great! I felt accepted and welcome. Taking me to the club was a wonderful idea! Once inside, almost everyone I met thought I was a real woman. I got lots of compliments. I now understand how much trouble women go through to look that little extra pretty and guys just don't notice or don't say a thing even if they do notice. It does feel nice to get genuine compliments. Men only seem to care about something else. Anyway, I did not want the night to end. I felt I could really express myself in front of others and I began to. I was smiling even more, feeling more relaxed and trying to talk more freely too. While I did not want too much attention from men, I would have liked to have a dance. I'm not sure why I was shy to dance as a woman when we were at the club. I am a horrible dancer as a guy when out with girlfriends, and it would have been great to have had the experience from the other side. Well, I can save the dance for the next time.

    I was really enjoying the experience. Unfortunately, I had scheduled only a 2 day package. In a way, it's good that I did not schedule 3 days in a row; my skin just can't take shaving that often.

    When we got back to the salon, I couldn't stop admiring. I looked beautiful! You were right - only my mom may be able to identify me from my looks. It took me 2 days to realize that.

    I have to do this again! It was a lot of fun to let go and be spontaneous! This experience has also made me a much better person in so many ways.

    Thank you again for everything! Let's keep in touch. ----------------------------------------------------------


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