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    Jane's Emerald Fantasy Adventure

    Seattle Daze

    Well, let's just say, I needed that! On the edge about being out and about on my own while dressed, I sensed that a trip to Seattle and a couple of days with Annie would help me to know if I was ready or not. My intuition was right on target. I got support, guidance, and feedback that reassured me in a real way all in very fun and congenial company.

    Annie is cool. She is a down to earth, attractive, fun loving, knowledgeable mentor for those of us on the path to bring our feminine selves into the world. As a bonus, Annie knows and loves her City. She is at ease around town and knows the hip spots. It was like girlfriends on the loose! Quite fun.

    I actually arrived the night before I met with Annie and was looking around Capitol Hill and found a nail shop where I had a mani-pedi done in a very natural light pink. I was in guy mode, but slightly femme with a layered sweater look. It was fun to get a little taste of a Seattle neighborhood.

    I'm big for a gal, but I've worked on my wardrobe and movement. When I first got together with Annie, I reviewed some of my looks and got some honest feedback and generally very positive approval. She helped me with my makeup in a very straightforward way that I understood and could apply on my own.

    After deciding on a good outfit for the evening, we headed off with Annie as the tour guide for an insider's look around. Seattle is really scenic with distinctive neighborhoods. Just had to shop a bit, so we ended up at Macy's with a sale and I scored a cute hoodie at a bargain price. We ended up eating at a beautifully located seafood restaurant, Ray's Boathouse, right at the entrance to the locks. I told Annie she was really giving me a big test, as the parking lot was packed. She reassured me that I was ready for it and in fact needed the challenge. I was quite amazed, as I do not think I was read until I spoke to our waitress who was so sweet, she just smiled slightly and didn't skip a beat. It was a gorgeous evening and we had a seat right at the water's edge. I was getting some looks from a fellow at a table opposite, but I just cranked up the femme mannerisms a bit, and as Annie advised, at least leave them wondering! Overall, it was a confidence builder and an excellent experience in staying in character as a woman. Surprisingly, after not that long a period of time, it was like I was being there as a woman and not as a man being a woman.

    As I had enjoyed the Capitol Hill area I returned there the next day completely dressed, casual, jeans, but very femme and had a kind of day around town. It was my first time to be so out there. I went to a bank; shopped at a thrift store, Value Village, and scored a great jacket and some bracelets that really work for me; went to an internet café; and shopped at a drug store for cosmetics, which was so much easier to do while dressed! With all of this exposure, walking around main streets and into crowed and close quarters shopping situations, I think I probably blended 80-90%. Again, the one on one interactions when I spoke, or stood in line for transactions, I was nervous and read. Just being out and about I was pretty relaxed and got more in that I'm a girl mentality.

    On our second night together, after a little more fashion show and makeup activity we went out to dinner in a wonderfully eclectic little neighborhood called Fremont. We had great Thai, cruised a fabulous music store, and window shopped the area. Completely under the radar. Checking out the entertainment options we decided on Jazz at the Triple Door downtown, quite a nice club where there was a Monk Tribute Band playing. I had on a black flowing pants and jacket outfit that was perfect for a Jazz Club, and Annie was ready for anything in her very cute black and white polka dot skirt. I wonder what image we provided overall, but I think it was girlfriends out for a little fun. Again, I did not feel read until I spoke with our girlish waitress who it seemed kind of appreciated me being out there in this way. It was good jazz and a great club. Perfect capper for my time with Annie, a classy lady.

    So, Emerald Fantasy, yeah, it was. I reflect back on it as a lot of fun and a significant step towards my femme independence. It did take some nerve, but I felt pretty safe overall, both with Annie's guidance and just being in Seattle. If you're thinking about it, you're probably ready for it. Step out the door. It's a thrill.


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