It is your fantasy. Live it as you like. We are here to help. America's coolest city, Seattle, awaits your emergence. America's Number One Crossdresser Transformation Service is ready to take you for the ride of your life!

If you live in or near Seattle, or wish to visit the Emerald City, we will introduce you to a side of yourself you've wanted to know so much better. One of our crossdresser transformation experts will be your hostess and tour guide during your Emerald Fantasy adventure. Together we two girls will travel beyond the threshold of imagination into a new reality where you ARE the woman of your dreams. Unlike going out with a group of crossdressers (where none of you pass), the two of us will actually blend right in. You will be amazed!

The Emerald Fantasy experience is structured as a one-on-one, adventure. You will have the complete attention of your hostess for the full duration of your fantasy adventure. Unlike other transformation services, with us you are not a "customer". Instead, we are best girlfriends, playing dress-up, chatting girl-talk, hitting the town, living life to the fullest as women. At last you can relax and emerge from all of those years (or decades) of wonder and worry. Finally, your time to be a lady has arrived!

Select from a variety of magical experiences that we can make happen for you:

The 4-Hour Duchess Package

    The Emerald Fantasy Temptress Package is for those wanting a bit more than a glimpse of their Feminine Personae, and includes make-over, dress-up, wig styling, use of our state-of-the-art breast forms, bring your own camera for unlimited photographs. We provide everything. Four full hours of fun... and just enough time to run out for a bite to eat or a drink on the town. Start times available: 3:00-8:00 p.m. The perfect "first outing" experience. Exhilarating! Advance reservations and payment required. $449.
The 1-Day Princess Package
    The Emerald Fantasy 1-Day Princess Package offers an array of adventures that will leave you wanting more. Activities are determined by your desires (see a' la carte choices below). Includes make-over, dress-up, wig styling, use of our state-of-the-art breast forms, and on-the-town foray for shopping, sightseeing, dining, clubbing, dancing, etc., bring your own camera for unlimited photographs. We provide everything. Six full hours of fun. Start times available: 3:00-6:00 p.m. Advance reservations and payment required. $549.

The 2-Day Empress Package

    Toward the end of the first day, you are just coming out of your shell and feeling truly alive! The lucky ones can pick up the following day/evening and double the fun. Includes two make-overs (each with a different look, if you so desire), more fashion choices, wig styling, state-of-the-art breast forms, and on-the-town foray for shopping, dining, clubbing, dancing, etc., bring your own camera for unlimited photographs. We provide everything. Six hours each day -- 12 total hours of adventure... based upon the schedule you desire. Start times available: 3:00-6:00 p.m. [Example schedule: Day One - Seattle Sightseeing/Shopping Spree; Day Two - Seattle Nightlife] Advance reservations and payment required. $998.

The 3-Day Goddess Package

    The ultimate adventure! Three days and/or evenings of feminine excitement. We will have the opportunity to explore many facets of Seattle's and your wild side. More of everything is included. Only by living the role for a few days can you begin to get truly comfortable as the feminine YOU. Bring your own camera for unlimited photographs. A wondrous three days of ecstasy... six hours each day... based upon the schedule you desire. Start times available: 3:00-6:00 p.m. [Example schedule: Day One - Nail Salon/Seattle Sightseeing/Shopping; Day Two - Seattle Nightlife; Day Three - Seattle Hometown Girl]. Advance reservations and payment required. $1447.

(NOTE: These rates are significantly lower than for similar businesses elsewhere...yet none can match our services or setting!)

Standard Transformation Services (these are free with packages)

  • Convenient Base of Operation ~ Our hotel base is across the street from the Seattle airport, not far from downtown, easily accessible from Interstate 5 or from Hwy. 99, and there is ample free parking. Our location is very discreet, secure and private... yet we have quick access to nearby malls and restaurants, as well as all downtown attractions.

  • Transportation ~ Transportation is provided while you are with your hostess.

  • Make-over ~ Standard with all packages. Our forté is making you look like a natural woman, ready to go out and actually pass in public (yes, really!). Or we can glam it up if that is your preference.

  • Dress-up ~ Your clothes or ours... or both! Let us know your size and style preferences, and we will deliver fashions sure to please. Lingerie, dresses, skirts, blouses, hosiery, shoes... we have it all. Our forté is real-life clothing... something a woman your same age/size would likely wear. This is one of the keys to successful passing. You will be very pleased at how well you pass! See yourself as you've never before!

  • Wigs ~ We offer a variety of selections for your experimentation and amusement. How do you look as a blonde? Brunette? Redhead? Long hair? Short hair? You'll find out in Seattle! Most wigs available for sale.

  • Breast Forms ~ We offer several models of breast forms, including state-of-the-art prosthetics that are the next thing to real! You will not believe how wonderful and natural these feel. They bond to you, warm to your body temperature, droop naturally, jiggle and bounce... you will never want to take them off! All breast forms available for sale.

  • Photos ~ Bring your own camera for an unlimited number of photos that capture your girl-self in a variety of poses, clothing and wig styles... for remembering your great adventure. These are a great record of what worked well, and what not so well.

  • Out and About In Seattle ~ America's coolest city is ours to explore and enjoy. We go anywhere we want... without hassle or problem. We dine on the finest seafood, foreign cuisines or pizza and burgers (bring your appetite). We cavort in the hippest pubs, cafes, coffeehouses and music clubs. We shop in the trendiest boutiques. We go sightseeing in one of the most beautiful urban settings in the world. And we meet nothing but friendly people all along the way... who treat us like the ladies we are. (WARNING: No other U.S. city is as congenial to transgendered folk as the Emerald City, and many are downright dangerous for cross-dressers. Be careful when out and about in other cities.)

  • Conversation ~ Wondering where you fit on the Great Transgender Spectrum? Our hostesses are intelligent, creative and well-versed on the subjects of cross-dressing and transsexualism. If you prefer to hang at the salon, a tavern or coffee shop and chat, that can be a kick, too. Guilt or shame about this compulsion? We can't promise to knock these notions out completely, but we can put a dent in them, and allow you to feel more secure in this totally natural interest and hobby. So your Emerald Fantasy is not only great fun, it's also therapeutic. What a deal!

  • Sightseeing ~ First time to Seattle? We can go check out the highlights of the Emerald City, as a woman! What a rush!

A' la Carte Selections (bring extra cash or your credit card for these)

  • Accommodations ~ Many client choose to stay at our base hotel, which is ultra convenient, and quite a nice place. Or, all the major chains are nearby.

  • Shopping ~ Partake of Seattle's fantastic array of goods. Let us know what you are interested in, and off we go. Let's storm the mall... hit the discount stores, or even the resale outlets. We've done it all, many times, with never a problem. Our girls have enjoyed shopping for: clothing, shoes, lingerie, makeup, wigs, accessories, jewelry, etc. Let's shop 'til we drop! We'll supply the purse... you supply the cash or credit for whatever you want. We'll help you find items that are appropriate for you... and help you learn to avoid those costly mistakes that all beginners make.

  • Dine out ~ Experience the culinary delights of Seattle en femme. Great Northwest seafood, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Italian, burger joint... you choose. It's never a problem in Seattle. Dutch treat.

  • Dancing ~ C'mon, shake your booty! Good female movement practice. Cover charge approx. $5-10. Sometimes free.

  • Arts and/or Entertainment ~ Dressed to the "nines", would you prefer a museum, a theater experience... or just a casual evening at a chick flick? Whatever your desire, let's do it! Entrance fees vary.

  • Nail Salon Experience ~ Luxuriate in the exquisite feminine realm of the beauty salon. Your nails painted... or go for acrylics if you can leave them on a few days. Manicures, pedicures available. All under the supervision of caring/understanding beauty salon personnel. Fantastic! Simply pay the salon for services desired (usually less than $20).


Are you still open?

YES.... there is some confusing information about the Emerald Fantasy on some chat sites. If you see this website, we are still going strong.

Can I just get a quick makeover?

No, we don't offer that service.

<Can I stop by your store?

Sorry, no, there is no store. There once was, long ago, but it was shortlived and a lot of work and was losing money. The Emerald Fantasy now operates out of a nice hotel near the Sea-Tac Airport (about 12 miles from downtown Seattle). We are only at the hotel when we have a client, and at that time fully engaged with them, so can't accept any visitors.

Can I pay when I arrive?

Nope. Payment in full must be received in advance.

Can I add days to the Goddess Package?

Yes. Ask for special pricing.

OK. I'm ready (I think). How do I make it happen?

Pre-payment in full at least 72 hours in advance, is generally required to secure your Emerald Fantasy date. If you are inquiring about a date within a shorter timeframe, there is no harm in asking, but the chances may be slim.

You may send payment by mail (check, money order, Visa, MasterCard) or use our online registration form to pay through PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account; credit cards accepted)), and advise of dates preferred and package choice. A confirmation notice will be sent to you, along with meeting instructions and directions to the salon.

By registering and sending your payment, you are reserving a specific date for your Emerald Fantasy adventure. This means we cannot sell this date to anyone else. Therefore, your payment WILL be processed, and this amount is NON-REFUNDABLE. If you have any doubts about your ability or willingness to fulfill your obligation to show up on the date reserved... please do not register!

NOTE: All transformation packages must be booked and paid for in advance. Any day of the week is potentially available for your Emerald Fantasy. Three day advance notice is generally required, though occasionally a shorter advance period can be accommodated. Start times for all sessions are generally between 3:00 to 6:00PM, depending on availability. If you are interested in entertainment shows or events, we will let you know what will be available in Seattle during the time of your Emerald Fantasy.

No Emerald Fantasy adventure is the same. Your Emerald Fantasy itinerary is never set in stone. We can change things as we go along. Making your Emerald Fantasy truly memorable and exciting is our ultimate goal.

NERVOUS??... We all are at first. Our hostesses are completely understanding and experienced in helping you to relax and enjoy your Emerald Fantasy. By the end of your fantasy adventure, you will have made a new friend and had the time of your life! You become a member of our extended family of Emerald Fantasy graduates. We guarantee this will be one of your most fun and memorable experiences!

[NOTE: The Emerald Fantasy instructs clients in the art of crossdressing and passing in public. Clients must be 18 years of age or older. This is not a sexual or intimate service. If you are seeking BDSM, this is not the place. 1-Day Princess Package equals one 6-hour session with our hostess. Multi days packages equal 6-hour sessions with a minimum 14-hour break in between. Admission charges to certain events or attractions may be required. Hostesses gratefully accept gratuities.]

See you soon! We will have fun!

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The Emerald Fantasy is thoroughly committed to protecting the confidentiality of our clients. Though many clients would allow the use of their photos at this web site... attitudes can change over time... and perhaps a year or two down the line they might regret such a public "outing" of their feminine self. To simply prevent that uncomfortable and potentially harmful scenario from ever happening, let's just not do it.

When it's blazing hot in your town, it's nice and cool in Seattle.
When it's freezing in your town, it's nice and cool in Seattle.

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