The fantasy is different for each dreamer.

But, as the ancient Greek plate above depicts, the man-woman theme is as old as time and as natural as sexuality itself. At the core of each fantasy is the desire to cross the great gender divide. If only for a short while. And then to cross back over without worry or harm.

Is this so remarkable? Who is truly the dull? He who has never imagined for a moment the possibility... the adventure... the thrill... the wonder... of slipping into the role of that of the opposite sex? Or he who has?

Most who have imagined it, do so often. In many ways and many times and places. Unfortunately, this great and wondrous desire usually remains an unfulfilled and suppressed longing. This is not a happy or healthy state of being.

You need not remain in this dark well of doubt. Rather than keeping your desires locked away in secrecy, guilt and shame... embrace the magic! Step into the light of your other self!

The Emerald Fantasy brings dreams to fulfillment, breathes life into desire. Now you have a portal into the fantasy of a lifetime. An affair you will remember and treasure always. Finally there is a way to safely, creatively and joyfully experience the great crossing... with a sister-friend who will facilitate your coming out... in America's coolest city!

Are You Ready To Cross Over?

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