NOTE: Angel, Annie... the same person.

      Annie, I feel renewed, re-energized, and inspired to continue to work on making sense of my personal gender journey. I appreciate so much the time we spent together this weekend. I feel as though I met a 'kindred spirit', thank you for that gift. Would love to visit again and continue the adventure. My wife got quite an earful last evening and was very glad that I tried this and that you and I are compatible. I think she is open to visiting Seattle (and you) with me some time in the future. "Time will tell." I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations and being able to relax into Heather and feel natural and accepted. The stroll through the mall, and dinners in public were a revelation. I learned some important lessons, and have much to ponder.... I am grateful to you and for you.

      Thank you so much.

      I can't thank you enough for facilitating Vanessa's coming out. Though she has been within me most of my life I was never able to release her until last Thursday. The experience was one of the most meaningful, positive, and euphoric of my life. I am so happy I did this. It was everything I expected it to be and more. From the moment we met I knew I was in good hands. It also helped to have had experiences and places in common. Let me add that your website is awesome and accurately describes the experience of the crossdresser seeking transformation. You are a special person. I will keep in touch, and may well return for an encore in the future. You are special. Best wishes!!

        Annie -

        I'd just like to say what a wonderful and fulfilling time I enjoyed with Annie during my stay. After anticipating my adventure for almost 2 months the day finally arrived. It was wonderful weather when I arrived at the Emerald City. Surely it was a sign of a great time for my experience!

        Annie met me with everything needed and more. She took care of everything elegantly and professionally and provided a very nice look for me. I felt very comfortable having a glass of wine with her as she finished my transformation at the hotel base. I felt such a tremendous relief when I looked at the final results! I knew I was going to experience something that I had waited for my whole life and had repressed. But I was finally able to experience it!

        As we were greeted at her favorite spa by some of the friendliest and accepting ladies, I engaged in a most relaxing conversation with the professionals that provided the final touches. It was very pleasing and fulfilling. For the next few days, I enjoyed the time of my life and can't wait to return! It was by far the most revealing experience I've had in my life. I was finally able to be who I was born to be.

        The sights we visited during my stay were breath-taking and the dinners were out of this world! All enjoyed while being who I was meant to be. Whether this is an experience you would engage in as an experiment or on a regular basis, don't think twice about scheduling your transformation!

        Annie, I can't thank you enough for your professionalism, courtesy, understanding, guidance and genuine belief in me!

        Your GF, Julie B!

        Hi Annie,

        I've been meaning to write to you since I got back home after the great time I had in Seattle! I can't thank you enough for all you do! I received the package with all of my purchases this afternoon. Thank you for sending that, too!

        The time with you in Seattle has all been very liberating. I'm even telling myself I could get out on my own and do some shopping and stuff. If I can keep my courage up I think I'll try an outing this coming weekend. This past weekend I tried doing my makeup using some of the tips I learned from you and I think it came out pretty well. Not heavy, but good. I have not found any local CD/TG groups yet, but I've only done some cursory internet searches.

        Thanks again!
        Dara :)

        Thank you for helping Maille relax. It was very freeing for her and sooooooooo needed.

        She had such a wonderful time and did cry herself to sleep. She had told me she was putting Maille away and would be a man now. To which I replied that she should not put herself in a box. She is all man and woman all of the time and Maille is welcome at all times.

        She has read all of these bad stories and lost her first marriage over this, so she keeps worrying about being 'a man' for me. She has to stop tormenting herself with these types of thoughts! Sigh. It's really difficult to get it through to her that she is all the man I need, as well as all of the woman I need. I told her to keep shaving her body hair off her chest so she would more easily have the option to go out. I let her know she needs to stay open to exploring her options and I'll keep pushing her into the deep end. I have no problem with the love and support end of things. He/she is my soulmate. ;)

        Now he needs to embrace himself and Maille. The full package deal. No labels. I believe the meetings/socials will help, as well as spending more time in Femme rather than hiding it away again. We talked earlier about going to the Southend get together, so I'm hoping we will be there. ;)

        Thank you again. You are just the right mix of personality and caring to help people with their transformations. I am so happy to have met you. Thank you for taking such good and wonderful care of my husband!!!!




        Thank you so much for my Emerald Fantasy. It far surpassed my wildest expectations and so did you. You are an exceptionally beautiful and caring woman who has brought out emotions in me that I never knew were there. I feel like you reached into my soul and pulled something out onto the surface that has been hidden there forever. It's scary and wonderful at the same time. I was brought up that boys never cry about anything yet I cried myself to sleep last night, not because of sadness but rather the overwhelming flood of mixed emotions that I'm suddenly feeling.

        I had a hard time sleeping at all Saturday night. My brain was in overdrive. I was feeling elated from the great time we all had together and trying to replay all the experiences I had that evening. Going to a Target store and a nail salon probably sounds pretty boring to most folks but WOW, what a rush. It was the most exciting night of my life. I kept thinking how, if a few months ago, someone would have said I'd be in a SeaTac hotel room, wearing nothing but pink panties, sipping wine with a trans woman, I'd have said they were crazy. But there I was and somehow it felt so natural and totally relaxing. Go figure. But, after it was all over and I walked away from the hotel, I felt complete and utter sadness. I felt I was walking away from one of the kindest, gentlest friends I've ever met. I really hope to get to meet you again someday. You have changed me forever and I'll never forget that.

        I went to bed leaving the make up on. I couldn't make myself take it off. Sunday I dressed in the capris I had forgotten and back in went the breast forms. I told Mary I loved my new "girls" and it took her a minute to figure out what I was talking about. I got to spend the day as Maille, putting away all the stuff from the night before. It was such a relaxing way to spend a day. But at the end of the day, Maille's wigs and forms were back in the suitcase and up on the shelf. Off came the nail polish. The clothes and jewelry were packed away and as I shut the door to the closet and turned out the light, that feeling of leaving someone special behind hit me again. Hard. I know I can see Maille again. I hope to see you one day as well. Thank you again for all you've done to make me a better person. I know my lovely wife Mary thanks you as well. Take care out there!




        Just a note. I got back to Phoenix without any issues arising from my prolonged absences on Sunday and Monday.

        The packages arrived yesterday. Thanks for taking on the task of sending them back.

        I do want to thank you profusely for a FANTASTIC and FUN adventure. You were a wonderful steward to the en femme world and you got me to do much more than I would ever have dreamed possible. Everything you said about getting out en femme was true. You've definitely lit my fire to repeat the experience at every opportunity. For that, I don't know if I should thank you or chastise you. For now though, THANKS! Hugs,


        Annie -- I want to thank you for all the advice and direction and listening. WOW. You have the touch of magic. Veronica is part of me and now I am so much more secure and can begin to value the person who is part of me and has always has been. Veronica now has personna, an image and an opportunity to magnify my life.

        The Emerald Fantasy is by far one of the best experiences in my life. Seattle is without a doubt the Emerald City. I was involved in a three-day makeover, and to say the least it was tailored perfectly for me. Shopping, dining, siteseeing, photos, conversation, and the best advice and guidance I could get. I had the opportunity to be Veronica for 72 hours, and really became her. Thank your for helping me feel proud of ME. Thanks for your friendship. I will see you again.

        Kansas City

        Annie --

        I'm cannot emphasize this enough, but I have become a lot more confident in life since you took me out. I can now talk to women without that little discomfort I had earlier. I can even talk to them about things that most guys can't. All the women who work in my company suddenly seem so comfortable talking to me. I have a lot more female friends at work now. They have no idea what I did, but I seem to have a special connection with everyone. I also lost my slight social anxiety. I can go out as a guy without being conscious at all. I can give speeches without sweating. I can dress any way I like - too casual or too formal - and not care about what others at work think. My less-evil split personality has really improved my life! Thanks so much.


        Hi Annie,

        I've finally got to my home late last night. I really thank you everything. I can not believe I could act as woman around the shopping center, on the street, in the jazz club. That is the dream I'd been dreaming.

        I am not sure when I can go to Seattle next time. But, I'm gonna try anyway. I will!



        I know with a mom's intuition it was due to YOU, your warmth, your heart and your desire to make Tammi's experience a truly memorable and fabulous one and succeeded in doing so fantastically that made her fantasy the most beautiful and wonderful real time experience she'd ever had, one that she has treasured and relived many many times since. (Big Hugs)

        My intuition also tells me she will enjoy and treasure all of those delights, pleasures, fun and happiness she discovered for the first time last year once again with you as her companion and girlfriend for the day this year.


        Annie --

        I AM STILL GLOWING FROM MY EVENING out with you. Thank you for the pictures. I just wanted to play dressup for the first time, but you made me feel comfortable as Jackieann.

        I truly enjoyed your company, our converstions, and your help. I hope to be able to go dining and shopping with you some day... maybe even a Mariners game! A girls night out!

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!



        Just a quick note to say thanks for the wonderful evening yesterday.

        It was an AMAZING experience, still reliving every moment as I write this. Obviously, it won't be the last time. I'll be back.

        You're the best. Thanks for giving me the courage and the opportunity to allow me to truly discover my feminine self.


        Dear Angel
        I made it safe and sound to Texas and then home on Saturday. It was a real let down to get to Texas after being in Seattle for 2 nights and being able to be myself. Going back to the hotel in Seattle both nights felt so natural. I'm finally able to start to relax and not worry about what other people are thinking. Mostly because I don't think thery're looking at me every second. If you ever need a referral or if you're ever coming to this portion of the country, please let me know and I will do whatever I can to help. I'll keep in touch and hope that I can arrange another trip to Seattle. Thanks again for being such a good listener and for such a wonderful time that I will remember forever.

        North Carolina

        Wow! What a pleasant surprise to turn on my computer this morning and see e-mails from you. I had a fantastic time with you! Just looking at your picture now floods me with wonderful feelings about you and the time we spent together. I wasn't expecting the pictures so soon and I have no idea what a zip file is but I was able to unzip the file and the pictures were great! A very happy lady was evident in all of them. The last couple that you took really signified for me the inner peace and contentment I felt after just a few short days. Thanks again for a very special time!!

        New Mexico

        I had fun spending those two great days with you for my coming out of closet. Coming up again to Emerald Fantasy is definitely on my "to do" list. I would like to really thank you for all that you do. Through your understanding, patience, and crossdressing/going out advice, you have opened a new life of discovery for me. I feel much better about myself and crossdressing, and I have a greater understanding about my feelings. I'm excited about improving on my ability to apply the makeup and dress more effectively. As soon as I get a new wig, I will be out there shopping up a storm. Your a special girl, Angel. I'm happy to be your friend.


        Hello Angel
        First I want to thank you for the most exciting evening I have spent while on the earth. I have always wanted to do that and now have the experence to work on my mannerisms, pay close attention to way girls act, respond, and work on dong the makeup. I ment to tell you that when we were eating dinner I really got a chance to look into your eyes and look at you, You are a very beautiful woman, and from my stand point very lucky to be who you are. Again I want to thank you for the wonderful time we had. Please don't forget me, Keep in touch with me. I feel like I found a friend and would like to even make our friendship better. I'm looking forward to hearing from you some time.


        Posted on AOL Transgender Forum:

        Many of us dream of being transformed and spending some time as a woman. I just returned from mine, and I couldn't be happier!!

        I have searched and RESEARCHED for the past 2 years, looking for the perfect transformation experience. There are several around the country offering many different options. Let me tell you about the most wonderful experience of my life......

        After narrowing my search to 3 places, I chose EMERALD FANTASY in Seattle Washington. Angel is a wonderful hostess. I was very nervous when I knocked on the door, but that faded almost instantly.....

        This is not an assembly line process. Angel and her other hostesses work one- on-on with you, and personalize the experience for your desires. She makes you feel so wonderful and beautiful. I chose her 3 day "Goddess" package and highly recommend it. By the end of the 2nd day the girls had me ready to solo, my only fear being does my makeup need to be touched up? (I had NEVER been out previously) They take you out where YOU want to go, giving you support all the way. They are charming, witty and wonderful ladies. They know where we are coming from, having walked in our shoes.

        Here is Angel's web address: Check it out, although I think she understates how wonderful it is!!!

        I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about my experiences.

        A VERY happy customer, Denise


        Dear, Angel,
        It's difficult to find the right words to describe how wonderful an experience your Emerald Fantasy is.

        A fantasy is something we often think about and perhaps wish for but, unless we take action, may never come to pass. To some people a fantasy is thoughts and feelings they suppress because of fear that the reality may not live up to, or may surpass their expectations. It is this fear of the great unknown that, like a brick wall, stops so many of us from realizing our dreams.

        Angel, I thought I would always be one of those people who think to themselves, " One day, I'm gonna do it...", but never "do" anything out of fear of adverse consequences. Then I found the Emerald Fantasy web page, read comments from your clients, and thought, " Can this be true? Is there someone out there who really knows how I feel and understands what I've gone through all my life? Is there someone who won't ridicule or reject me for who I am? I must find out!"

        ...And I did! Angel, what your clients write about you is true. You surely are kind, gentle, and understanding. And intelligent! What an interesting conversationalist!

        What your service does is gently guide it's clients on a path to self discovery. All cold fears and anxieties are forgotten as they melt away with the warmth of friendship and understanding. Hostesses help their clients express themselves in ways they rarely can because of social bias or restrictions of families or careers.

        (Are you really reading all this or did you get bored and hit delete after the first paragraph? This letter seems pretty long winded for a simple truck drivin' delivery person, huh? Oh, well, it's kinda late and I'm gettin' a bit loopy.)

        When I walked into your room you made me feel welcome. After talking a bit you made me feel at home. Then when I slipped out of my "boring" male clothes and into bra panties and lingerie and presented myself to someone else, for the first time ever, you made me feel comfortably at ease. Then after the addition of some high quality breast forms it was time for makeup. I want to thank you for taking the time to explain all the "hows and whys" of makeup application. After you finished with my makeup and wig application, I was expecting to see some hideous beast staring back from the mirror, but to my delight all I saw was this great looking GIRL!! I remember my first words were, "That is NOT me". But it was!!

        Then after that came the clothes and more wigs for different looks.( It's amazing the totally different look you can get just by changing hair style.) Then everything became a blur in a kind of surreal dream. Thank goodness I have the polaroids to prove it was real! After all the Photos and dinner OUT AND ABOUT for the first time ever the night was over way too soon. It was great that you let me go back to my room "en fem" without having to change. And then the next night more of the same and pictures at the "invisible" Kalakala and dancing too! My head was spinning...It all ended too soon.

        Angel, you were pretty exhausted on Saturday night but you still showed me a fantastic time. Thank you so much for that...You are a caring professional and it shows. If I seemed a bit quiet while "dressed" and out I guess it's because I felt like I was in a dream. I'm usually more talkative than I was last weekend, as you can probably tell by this run-on thank you letter.

        Anyway, I had the time of my life and got to be who I really am in front of a new friend I'll never need to keep any secrets from.

        I can't wait to do it again! Maybe next time some shopping. Better start saving my money!

        Thank you so much, Angel, for everything. And give my best to Marti ( did I spell her name right?)


        Chris, Port Orchard, Washington

        I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening. Its been almost two weeks now and I still get all excited when I think about how I looked and felt. Please let Mardi know how much I appreciated all her help. I can't wait to do this y started saving up for another time.

        Talk to you later and Thanks,

        DT, Seattle

        I wanted to say thanks and to tell you I had a great time. It was well worth the money. I'd recommend it to anyone. I hope we'll be friend for a very long time. I wish you the very best. Keep in touch.


        To: Angel, Liz and Madelyn
        Thank you very much for a wonderful time. I will be forever grateful for the experience you provided me. I must admit I was stunned at how at ease I felt, and how you accepted me with open arms. I really enjoy being a girl, and the way it makes me feel is simple indescribable. I will never forget sitting in that restaurant in copmlete girl form. I just felt so real and natural. That was probably the most wonderful experience of my life. The knowledge you girls provided me with was also an invaluable service. To Angel, thanks for the understanding and patience. You were very professional. You really had a strong personality to counter my shyness. To Liz, thanks a bunch for helping me greatly at my weakest time... and helping me feel good about myself. Thanks so much for everything.


        Hi, Angel!
        It seems like a long time since I was in the Emerald City with you. I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on the transformation. I felt very feminine.

        Since I have returned home I have been thinking about my appearance that day. The most important part was that, just as you indicated, we didn't have any problems.

        Part of me is still amazed that I did it, yet in spite of being nervous I felt very comfortable as a woman and intend to explore the female in me more in the future.

        I know the second time will be better, more comfortable, less nervous, and improved image.

        I look forward to my next visit.

        Janet - San Diego, California.

        Dear Angel,
        Thank you so much for the Emerald Fantasy experience! I can't believe we did all that we did. It was truly one of the most exciting times in my life.

        Say hello to Rosie and the other girls. Everyone was fabulous. I feel like I have a new set of girlfriends in Seattle.

        Melinda - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

        Dear Angel,
        I am still buzzing from my exhilarating weekend with you. I am so happy that I found you and the Emerald Fantasy. I feel so much better about my crossdressing now. You really would make the absolute best counselor/therapist... not to mention magician! I can't believe the way you transformed me!

        I know a few crossdressers here in Portland, and I'm going to let them know about the Emerald Fantasy. Best of luck with the service, and I hope to get back to Seattle soon.

        April - Portland, Oregon

        Angel and the Emerald Fantasy -
        Hello from Philly. I made it home safe and sound, with the breast forms I got from you. Can't wait to show them off to some of the "girls" that I know. They are going to be very jealous!

        Let me tell you again how much fun I had. Now I know there's not much I can't do out and about as a woman. I only wish Philadelphia were as wonderful an environment for "going out" as is your beautiful Seattle. Even a little rain couldn't stop us. In fact, I think it even added to the romance of the whole experience. It kind of seems like a dream now.

        I know you asked for ways you can improve the service, but I can't think of a thing that I would have wanted to do differently. You are magic.

        My work won't be sending me back to the Northwest 'til next year, but you can bet that when I return I'll be very anxious for another Emerald Fantasy. Maybe you'll have your boutique and B&B running by then!

        Thanks again, and stay sweet!

        Ronnie - Camden, New Jersey

        I want to thank you for the time that you spent with me. With your help, Beth Ann was able to come out into the open for the first time. For the first time in a very long time, the hurt that I felt inside went away for a few short days. For the first time in at least a year, when I went to bed, I fell asleep in a few minutes, as opposed to struggling to fall asleep for a few hours. For the first time in several years, Beth Ann looked forward to the next day. For the first time in too many years to count, I wanted to see a picture of myself - not as my male self but as Beth Ann.

        I apologize for being nervous during my visit. I want you to know that as nervous as I may have been, however, it did not even come close to the hurt and loss that Beth Ann felt, when I boarded the plane to return home on Monday. It felt as if a door was being closed, and Beth Ann's freedom was being taken away. Words cannot explain how badly I felt at that time.

        I would very much like to have the opportunity to come to Seattle again, and I am wishing that I can do it this summer. It's a wish that I need to hold on to. Beth Ann needs to grow and have fun - and I want to find the spark needed to help Beth Ann smile more easily.

        I know that you are quite busy and you have many things to do, but you have a special gift for helping people. If it's OK with you - Beth Ann is asking for any help that you may be able to offer. I am hoping that helps you to understand the strength of Beth Ann's feelings. Beth Ann would really like for you to be her girlfriend. Could we keep in touch through e-mail?

        The next mocha will be my treat. The next time, let's bring Beth Ann further out into the world.


        Beth Ann

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