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    Laverne's Emerald Fantasy Adventure

    I Nearly Chickened Out...

    My fee went in a few months back and schedules finally meshed perfectly. Now my wife was off on a trip to New Orleans with a girl friend. I was eager to do this thing with Annie. I'd dressed up some before and occasionally done a little night time street walking. I was so ready for the next thrill, but my courage was waning.

    I decided to start preparations anyway to see how far I would go. Had a nice shower, shaved my face a couple times in every direction. Complete body shaving would have given me away later so I just did my lower arms and chest. Long sleeves AND and high necklines really can obscure one's femininity.

    A nice tight cream colored gaff and beige "breastform" pocket bra started me heating up. I used to feel "naughty" when I tried on womens' heels and panties. (Naughty and aroused.) Now it is immensely pleasureable, natural, and calming. I love garter belts clipped with nylons. Just remember to put your gaff or panties over the top. You'll see why in the Ladies' restroom.

    I had told Annie that I would arrive dressed a little bit girly. I planned to wear skinny jeans, heels, etc., but lacked skill at makeup and a decent wig. Dangly clip-on earrings and lipstick was all I could manage from the neck up. If you'd seen only my face you wouldn't have thought "cute lady". On the bottom I put on brand new thigh-high nylons, tight skinny jeans and 3 1/2" block heels. I love the way heels make my slender legs look, expecially in a tight, short skirt. 36-D breastforms are installed in the bra. I sometimes wonder if I overdid the tits, but they feel and look so hot. The 3/8" nipples I sent for still haven't arrived. Tight black sweater and faded girls Levi jacket with rhinestones completed the early evening look. To maintain my relaxed and confident mood I downed a couple straight shots of Vodka. I rendezvoued with Annie at a SeaTac hotel at a side door. I wasn't ready to pass the lobby test yet.

    Earlier I had spoken to Annie on the phone about small details. Her voice was a little low so I thought, oh great, she's a guy. Attention boys, she's all girl and smart too. The entire evening was stimulating socially and academically.

    Before you go out there's a three-step process. 1. Makeup, 2. Trying on clothes, 3. Hair, which means wigs. I was a blond, a brunette, and to my surprise I ended up a redhead. Annie recommends going light on the makeup, she doesn't want you to look like a clown. When I looked in the mirror I saw gorgeous "Laverne" looking back at me. God I was cute! Annie loves to do pictures so take your camera or phone, of course. She'll even help with poses.

    We hopped in Annie's car and blasted off to Capital Hill. This is a safe and fun place to emerge as people there are diverse and accepting. We bar-hopped a couple places. Loud band, young people, and Margaritas at one, Cosmopolitans at the next. It was way fun and I felt so comfortable. Annie claims that I totally "passed."

    My wife's next girls' trip is to Germany and Switzerland. I won't be going, but I'm counting the days. Annie is taking me dancing. To an even crazier, edgier place this time. Maybe we'll see some other gurls out.

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