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    Erin's Emerald Fantasy Adventure

    It Rains in Seattle.... Who Knew?

    I love Seattle!

    I got to experience this city in the best possible way. As Erin and with Annie. This experience was amazing in so many ways I don't know where to begin.

    I guess the beginning is a good place to start. Here's Day One:

    I was really tired from my flight and honestly really scared. I've dressed at home but I never walked outside. I decided to bring my clothes that are comfortable to me and bring my makeup too. I was staying at the Hilton across the street and decided it would be fun to dress myself, do my makeup and walk over as Erin. I know I know, I'm the type of girl that would clean the house before the maid arrives. Go to a transformation service already transformed. Well that turned out amazingly well! Annie, it turns out is amazingly good at making you feel comfortable. I was never called cute before. I admit, I really liked it. She had a couple of tips for me and since I was extremely hungry we decided to head out directly for dinner.

    OK, I love Seattle, I said that. One of the reasons is the food. Being from Colorado I was understandably interested in the seafood which I can't get at home. We went to a small restaurant on a pier and had an amazing salmon that I cannot describe well enough with words. Interestingly I had not even realized I was out en femme. Weird but I felt really natural. After dinner I was able to think more clearly and wanted to get some makeup for myself. Annie took me to the local mall. Did I mention this is December and the holiday shopping season is in full swing? Did I also mention this is Saturday night? And also that this is my first time out? I was being thrown in the deep end and I'm glad I did! My only fear I guess was that I'd run into someone who would make a disparaging comment. Annie assured me that this had never happened to her girls. I thought that there was no way this could be the case. I was so focused on what bad thing someone might say I did not even consider the possibility that someone would say something nice! And they did! A girl walked by and complimented me on my hair! Just that was incredible! Just out of the blue, in the middle of the mall. Annie suggested that I look other girls in the eye and smile. Guess what? It's an amazing thing. You do that and people smile back at you. I know it sounds kind of weak but my biggest fear was not being accepted. I kept on feeling that everyone would make me out and that that would be awful. It turns out that Seattelites are incredibly accepting and friendly and that's another reason I love Seattle!

    Walking around Nordstrom's Annie coerced/tricked me to go to the bathroom. She just said "I'm going to the bathroom, want to come?" Not thinking I followed her right into the ladies room. In the list of things that scared me the bathroom was right there with mean comments. Surely if a girl sees me in a well lit bathroom she would make me out in a second and it will all be over, right? Ermmm, not exactly. Walked in, lots of girls, smiled, got a smile back. Found a stall, did my thing, got back out, washed my hands checked myself in the mirror and back out. Like nothing out of the ordinary. It's just a bathroom. The whole thing happened so quickly that I didn't have time to fear. Best of all, nobody batted as much as an eyelid at me. I guess a chick in the ladies room is not that exceptional after all. We spent more time walking around the mall and shooting in and out of shops. Finally we sat down at a Starbucks and just chatted. Did I say that Annie is amazing? I think the girls that had the privilege of hanging out with her would agree. We must have sat down and talked about everything for at least two hours. Just two girls sitting and talking. Nobody paid attention and it didn't feel out of place. To me the most amazing thing was how natural I felt. Getting up I noticed that I had given my name -Erin- to the cashier, that was written on the cup. It's those small things that make the night for me :). Coming back to the hotel I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I saw a tall, confident, and beautiful woman in the mirror. I had never seen myself like that before. What a transformation! The tips Annie gave me and the walk around the mall transformed me both in looks and in my mind. And this was my firs time out. I love this!

    I came back to my hotel room, took off my makeup and clothes, brushed my teeth and promptly fell asleep. What a day!

    Day Two:

    We had decided to meet early (around two o'clock) so we'd have some daylight to see Seattle. Turns out that day two is scarier than day one. Walking dressed outside my hotel fully femme in broad daylight was butterfly inducing to say the least. That's the exciting part of this adventure but I did need to steel myself to step out the door. Like the first day, I wanted out and not stay in the hotel. Annie took me on a tour of Seattle. We drove around and I got a wonderful taste of how fun the neighborhoods of the city are. We got to see a beautiful view of the harbor, a statue of Lenin and a troll hiding beneath a bridge to name a few. I loved it. Having Annie as a guide makes it so much better. I would have never found these places myself.

    I'm a coffee nerd and coming to Seattle I had to do a Starbucks thing right? It turns out they have a roastery downtown. Again, Sunday night, full of people! We were greeted at the door with a "Hi Ladies" and a girl in there complimented me on my boots! I'll repeat this, I was so afraid of what someone might say I never considered the positive things I might hear. Girls, I have to say that getting a compliment from another girl is such a good feeling! Walking around on 2" heels (and I'm 6'2" without them) I thought I would feel out of place. Not so! I felt completely natural, and more importantly, completely accepted. The roastery itself is great. We did the taste test just like you would do at a brewery but with coffee. Definitely a must if you're a coffee person.

    What to do after coffee? Dinner of course. Seafood again. Different restaurant, just as delicious. And again, we sat for more than two hours and just talked. I love talking to Annie, she's a wonderful person and it feels like we just hit it off. We definitely did not agree on everything but the conversation took us to another place. And as before, I did not only feel natural but very accepted. As I stood up I caught a woman looking towards me by chance and smiled at her. She smiled back and that again just feels wonderful. Going back to the hotel I can't take off the makeup just yet. I love the way I look and feel. This is turning out way better than I had imagined!

    Day Three:

    Same protocol. Dress, moisturize, concealer, foundation, blush, powder, eyeliner (Annie's tips rule!), mascara (which I love! The eyes look amazing with it), lip-liner (another one of Annie's awesome suggestion), and finally lipstick. Starting to feel girl now? Just a wig, necklace, earrings, and we're done.

    Well that was the plan anyway. In reality Erin got waaay too much concealer, the foundation caked, the eyeliner poked me in the eye, and the mascara slipped right to my eyelid and left a wicked smudge. Ouch! I ended up looking like a clown so I wiped it all away and started again. Only then did I see Erin looking back at me from the mirror. This feels so right!

    My plan today is walk as much as I can. I want crowds. I want to bee seen! Seattle's weather however, had other plans. Apparently rain in December in Seattle is not unheard of. Who knew?!? Popped into Annie's hotel to get a skirt this time and we're off to "get into trouble" as she put it. Annie took me to a quaint neighborhood by the water called Ballard. Really really charming, especially with the holiday lights strung across the main street. However, this is a Monday night and it's raining. Ugh. Not a lot of people out. We did a quick dash across the street and right back into the car. What to do? Go eat seafood of course! A neat, fancier, restaurant by the water. I'm already so comfortable being Erin that I don't even blink when we enter and the hostess greets us with a big smile and a "hello ladies". The table was by the window but right in the middle of the restaurant. No place to hide = no problem for Erin apparently. I just focus on my posture, my voice and the rest is just so natural. I am dumbfounded when I swing my head to my right and catch this dark haired chick looking back at me from the window (reflection). Eating turns out to be the real challenge. The food is soooo good but I did not want to smudge my makeup or lipstick (hey, with the festivities earlier you can understand, right?). Small measured bites, that's the ticket. Turns out that I enjoyed the food so much more taking a very long time to finish. Still, I can't believe the quality of the restaurants here. Going out of the restaurant Annie does her "go to the bathroom" thing again. Me, being dumb, fell for it again. Small bathroom this time, only two stalls, thankfully both unoccupied. Heading out though a girl was waiting. Smile, smile back and that's it! You know, intellectually I get it, I pass. Emotionally every time that happens it's amazing.

    Back to Capitol hill and to check out another coffee place. It's Monday night and everything is really slow. I'm bummed that there aren't more people around. Well let's walk back down to the roastery and see if that's better. Yup, much better. A lot more people, much better vibe. Best of all the greeter at the door remembers us from yesterday and greets us with a great smile. We sit down with a pair of delicious pastries and a water (I'm totally caffinated already, early flight tomorrow, can't drink more coffee) and just chat again. I smile at a man who is standing around looking at people, he looks like he's having fun. He comes over! We chat for a bit about how neat this place is. I swear, if I was in his place I would have made me out in a second. He didn't seem to notice. I asked Annie if he was just really nice or what and she said that I totally passed. We talked with the gentleman for a good five minutes not 5 feet from each other... and I passed. Cool! She said that people, even those who really wish you well, do a double take when they make you out. This guy did not miss a beat. Simply nice and enjoying the vibe of the place.

    We drove back to the hotel, I reluctantly gave back the earrings which I love dearly. Parting with Annie is so hard! She's amazing. She's so good at making you feel comfortable and secure it's amazing. Big big hug and a good night. I will be back. This city and this Annie are just too good to pass up. So that's the story of my 3 day adventure. Very wordy I know. Most of those words being "amazing" and "wonderful" but how else can I describe how I feel? I sit here in my hotel room in front of the computer typing away and right there in the mirror is Erin looking back at me. The wig and makeup are mine and I'm not quite ready to take them off yet. I will though. I need to head back home for my own life but I know that there's another adventure waiting for me. Just not December next time OK? Let's pick a time with more light and less rain.



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